The Boulder-White Clouds are a sportsmen’s paradise.

We aim to keep it that way.

Idaho sportsmen have waited nearly a decade for Congress to preserve our hunting and fishing opportunities in Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds. But after years of broken stalemate politics in Washington, D.C., enough is enough. It’s time to resolve Congress’s shortcomings before some of the best backcountry hunting and fishing in the country can be spoiled by new developments, new mines or irresponsible motorized use.  The clearest path to protect the Boulder White Clouds is via a National Monument proclamation. This is the best opportunity available to set existing management in stone to ensure this remarkable landscape remains the way it is today for future generations of sportsmen and women.



Let’s craft an Idaho-made solution for Boulder-White Clouds

Rob Fraser with his two boys in the Owyhees

As the former president of the Idaho Wildlife Federation, I understand the value of world-class big game habitat to our hunting heritage. That is why our group supports a national monument proclamation for the Boulder-White Clouds.

The Idaho Wildlife Federation, along with others in the sportsmen community, support specific sideboards in the proclamation that protect continued high-quality hunting and fishing opportunities, readily accessible public trails, continued state management of fish and game, continued outfitting and guiding, and making it a priority for the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to protect that high-quality fish and wildlife habitat.

The Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act was a good faith effort by Congressman Simpson to protect this one-of-a-kind landscape.A product of much compromise, it was an Idaho-made solution. But that bill is dead in a Congress that’s mired in quicksand.

A national monument is a great alternative for longterm protection with more management flexibility.I would encourage all sportsmen to get involved and make your voice heard. Together, we can make this an Idaho-made solution.